Visible Contact is a Unity, Android, iPhone, and iPad developer based in Austin, Texas. Austin is a major technology center from which we have serviced an international client base of healthcare and humanitarian aid organizations. Currently, we produce our headline game title: Evil Sushi Squish in addition to other smart phone games and utility apps.

Our core goal is to help people to live healthier, fuller lives. We pursue this goal through the thoughtful development of our apps and through our work with hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and non-profit humanitarian aid organizations.


Visible Contact Austin Texas Phone App Game Development - Erik Pearson Erik Pearson founded Visible Contact in 2008. He has been a technology leader for over 12 years as an entrepreneur, an Interactive Technology Director, an artist and a technologist for large corporations, startups, and marketing agencies. Additionally, he is a veteran of HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance through work in the healthcare and financial sectors. He currently enjoys producing apps and games for iPhone, iPad, and Android.    Erik Pearson on LinkedIn

The Team

Visible Contact is an enthusiastic team of industry veterans with backgrounds in iPhone and Android app development, game development, software and database development, graphic design, interactive marketing and search engine marketing strategy.

Visible Contact Austin Texas Phone App Development - Amanda Visible Contact Austin Texas Phone App Development - Peter Visible Contact Austin Texas Phone App Development - Ari

Board of Advisors

The Visible Contact Board of Advisors is a carefully selected team of industry veterans with experience in strategic marketing, professional services, and executive management.

Visible Contact Austin Texas Phone App Game Development - Erik Pearson Mike Rinehart - Senior Executive and Entrepreneur

Mike is a seasoned entrepreneur and business veteran. He has served as a President and CEO; developed some of the largest real estate projects in the U.S.; and has served on the board of several large non-profit organizations.

Visible Contact Austin Texas Phone App Game Development - Erik PearsonMatt Habich - Executive and Entrepreneur

Matt is a highly accomplished executive with over 20 years in general management, product marketing, business development, alliance management, operations, finance, engineering, executive development, and entrepreneurial ventures.

Our Priorities

  • Visible Contact’s core goal is to help people to live healthier, fuller lives. We are dedicated to this goal and pursue it through our work. Additionally, each year we donate money to organizations that bring healthcare to the poor and disenfranchised.
  • We are dedicated to education and awareness about global healthcare issues.
  • We strive to maintain accountability through promoting sustainability and being sensitive to local economies in impoverished areas.
  • We practice eco-sensitivity and the active conservation of nature by using green hosting and by recycling office materials.
  • We aim to enhance the natural world and our communities through responsible business practices.
  • We encourage employees to be highly engaged in the vision of our company.

Our Name

The name, Visible Contact, refers to the point where two entities visibly engage each other. By focusing on how we interface with our clients' teams and projects, Visible Contact consultants make a significant impact as quickly as possible.

More about Austin, Texas

"[Visible Contact] always surprised me with [their] ability to find creative solutions that not only matched or surpassed a particular project's requirements but also saved our team time and the account money..."

-David Bartel-
Creative Director,
Heartbeat Digital
New York, NY