Visible Contact provides mobile, desktop and gaming development from Austin, Texas. Austin is widely viewed as a major technology center.

1/2015 - Visible Contact Enters Virtual Reality (VR)

AUSTIN (January 28, 2015) Visible Contact enters Virtual Reality (VR) with R & D development for the popular Oculus Rift VR Headset. Visible Contact provides C# development for UI, Gameplay, Character Controllers and Art-Tech for Unity based applications and games. Oculus Rift - Visible Contact Unity VR Development / Virtual Reality Development

1/2015 - Visible Contact now offers Unity development

AUSTIN (January 15, 2015) Visible Contact now offers Unity development for mobile, mac, pc and Xbox platforms. With years of game, web and mobile development experience, Visible Contact is well suited for Unity C# front-end, back-end and art-tech development.

2/2012 - Visible Contact Releases Sweet Cupcake! for Android & Kindle Fire

AUSTIN (February 7, 2012) Visible Contact announced the release of their latest children's app: Sweet Cupcake!. The app is a fun, safe game for kids of any age. Create deliscious cupcakes on your mobile device! Available for Android and Kindle Fire.

12/2011 - Visible Contact Launches

AUSTIN (December 1, 2011) Visible Contact announced the launch of the new app review website for teenagers: The site is a collection of reviews of mobile device apps including iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets. App developers can request an app review through the website and anyone can leave comments and ratings of their own regarding the many apps listed in the site. The site also includes a database of many app titles available and allows you to sort by device type or app content category.

8/2011 - Visible Contact releases Halloween Costumes for Android

AUSTIN (August 18, 2011) Visible Contact announced the release of their latest children's game for the Android platform: Halloween Costumes. Create your Halloween costume! Mix & match to create your own funny costumes and then do Trick or Treat with animated spooky friends. You can use the costumes and characters to come up with your own Halloween story. A fun app for kids of all ages.

8/2011 - Member Registration Added to

AUSTIN (August 2, 2011) Visible Contact announces major updates to the baseball card price comparison site They've added site registration which allows members to leave comments, bio information, highlights, and fun facts on the pages of their favorite baseball cards.

6/2011 - Visible Contact releases Ice Cream Parlour for Android

AUSTIN (June 14, 2011) Visible Contact announced the release of their latest children's game for the Android platform: Ice Cream Parlour. Build a tasty ice cream cone at the Ice Cream Parlour! With perfect ice cream that never melts, the Ice Cream Parlour is filled with all of your favorite yummy flavors and toppings. Bright, vibrant colors and animated animal friends make this the perfect app for the kid in all of us (and it's fat free too!)

5/2011 - Visible Contact releases Evil Sushi Squish [Full Version] for Android

AUSTIN (May 28, 2011) Visible Contact is thrilled to announce the release the Full Version of their kids' game Evil Sushi Squish for Android. This latest, full version includes funner levels and a ninja scoring system where you advance toward black belt as you complete Evil Sushi Squish the levels. Also, ads have been eliminated and you now have the ability to share your score and your ninja status with friends on Facebook.

Here's what Amazon's Appstore has to say about the new Evil Sushi Squish:

  • Fun, engaging gameplay
  • Humorous characters and graphics
  • Intuitive graphical interface for young and older players

3/2011 - Visible Contact launches

AUSTIN (March 28, 2011) Visible Contact is thrilled to announce the launch of It is the companion site to the recently launched, hit game "Evil Sushi Squish" for Android and iPhone. Visible Contact's new app has enjoyed thousands of downloads since it's launch earlier this year. Lead game developer, Erik Pearson, says "We're really enjoying producing a great game and pushing it out over marketing channels. We love to have fun and we plan to create educational games in the future to help kids learn using smart phones."

3/2011 - Visible Contact Announces "Evil Sushi Squish" for iPhone

AUSTIN (March 18, 2011) Visible Contact launched Evil Sushi Squish for iPhone on the first day of SXSW. This app is the full version of the Evil Sushi Squish game. Here's what people are saying:

"Squishtastic Sushilicious! All the key ingredients are rolled together for a fun lite and engaging game. Fun graphics and a race against the timer compel you to squish the fish."
By Rocko Hardog

"Surprisingly Addictive. Watch out for the ninjas and fortune cookies. Consider yourself warned. Like tap tap ants but better."
By Dr Storm

1/2011 - Visible Contact Announces "Evil Sushi Squish Lite" for Andoid

AUSTIN (January 28, 2011) Visible Contact is thrilled to announce our new game: Evil Sushi Squish Lite for Android! With fun, evil characters like the little Phat Geisha and her army of Evil Sushi ...and who can resist squishing out evil? This game is perfect for all ages and skill levels. To download the app straight to your Android phone, click here.

12/2010 - Pearson Sports Cards

AUSTIN (December 2, 2010) was launched by Visible Contact earlier this week along with their Facebook and Twitter page. To follow Pearson Sports Cards on Facebook Click Here and to follow on Twitter Click Here . Pearson Sports Cards offers great values on individual baseball cards and complete sets.

11/2010 - Biopharma Leader UCB, Inc.Launches Medical Education Site:

ATLANTA (November 3, 2010) UCB, Inc. launched with the help of web production agency Visible Contact based in Austin, Texas. UCB, Inc. is a worldwide biopharma leader with offices in the U.S. and accross the globe. " is a gateway resource to educational programs developed by independent organizations engaged in providing professional development to health care providers."

10/2010 - Flow Nonfiction

AUSTIN (October 1, 2010) Flow Nonfiction launched with the help of web production agency Visible Contact based in Austin, Texas. With a unique ability to capture and communicate authentic characters on film. Flow Nonfiction creates branded Purpose and Cause content. Flow Nonfiction is a creative agency and turnkey production company. They take projects from idea to distribution. They work with their clients to conceptualize, produce, edit and score each piece we create.

5/2010 - Bon Vivant Re-Launched

AUSTIN (May 1, 2010) Visible Contact and partners re-launched, a wine and gift basket delivery ecommerce store. Friends of Visible Contact receieve a 20 percent discount on all wine and gift basket merchandise. Use code 2010BV20

4/2010 - Underwear launches

AUSTIN (April 1, 2010) Visible Contact helped partner Zocalo Design to produce Underwear's It's an exquisitely designed, beautiful site with very high qulaity intimate products. Take a look. You'll be impressed.

3/2010 - Portalarium Player and Facebook Poker Game launched

AUSTIN (March 1, 2010) Visible Contact's Austin-based partner, Portalarium, launched its first product: an open source browser plug-in with enhanced vector graphics called Portalarium Player. They have also announced the first game title to use the new plug-in. It's a Facebook game called Sweet @$! Poker. Visible Contact provided web technology support to Portalarium's game development team and established an ongoing partnership last December. Portalarium was started last year by gaming industry veteran Richard Garriott and several of his associates from the original Origins game development team. More about Portalarium on Gamasutra.

10/2009 - The 1st Annual Latin American Open Source Health Informatics Meeting in Lima, Peru

AUSTIN (October 21, 2009) Visible Contact's Erik Pearson will attend the 1st Annual Latin American Open Source Health Informatics Meeting in Lima, Peru. The meeting is a collaboration between Partners in Health in Boston and their sister organization in Peru, Socios en Salud, the Sustainable Sciences Institute and their subsidiary office in Nicaragua, the OpenMRS and OpenROSA communities, and eHealth Systems of Chile.

8/2009 Visible Contact awarded new account: UCB Continuing Medical Education

AUSTIN (August 1, 2009) Visible Contact has landed a new project with a major biopharmaceutical client. UCB is a major international player in the development of pharmaceuticals for Crohn’s Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Allergies. Visible Contact is working with UCB to reposition their continuing medical education program in the marketplace and to refresh the image of their web assets.

3/2009 - Visible Contact attends PubCon SEM Conference

AUSTIN (March 11, 2009)Visible Contact team members attended Austin's PubCon SEM Conference. The annual conference is sponsored by and hosted high profile speakers Guy Kawasaki and Matt Cutts.

12/2008 Visible Contact announces partnership with Zocalo Design

AUSTIN (December 16, 2008) Visible Contact announced today that it has sealed a strategic partnership with Austin-based Zocalo Design. Visible Contact specializes in computer programming for internet websites and web-based software applications. Zocalo Design boasts several high-profile Austin clients and provides high-end graphic design and website design.

Visible Contact is located in Austin, Texas and works with an international client base.
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