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Evil Sushi Squish

Evil Sushi Squish for Android & iPhone! With fun evil characters like the little Phat Geisha and her army of Evil Sushi ...and who can resist squishing out evil? This game is perfect for all ages and skill levels. Coming soon to the iPhone!

About the Game
She's from the far far very Far East where mysteries still exist. Phat Geisha has decided to take over the world and has created her army of Evil Sushi! Don't be fooled, this is no ordinary sushi and it must be squished out of existence. Time is a factor and stay clear of those fortune cookies!

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Countdown is a handy app for counting down to New Year's Eve, your Birthday, or any other special day

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Ice Cream Parlour

Build a tasty ice cream cone at the Ice Cream Parlour! With perfect ice cream that never melts, the Ice Cream Parlour is filled with all of your favorite yummy flavors and toppings. Bright, vibrant colors and animated animal friends make this the perfect app for the kid in all of us (and it's fat free too!)

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Halloween Costumes

Create your Halloween costume! Mix & match to create your own funny costumes and then do Trick or Treat with animated spooky friends. You can use the costumes and characters to come up with your own Halloween story. A fun app for kids of all ages.

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